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Ice Melts Explained: Packaged Ice Melts

Ice Melts Explained: Packaged Ice Melts

Welcome back to our Ice Melts Explained blog series where we help simplify ice melt solutions available here at Russo for trouble-free ice management this winter season. In our 1st blog, we explored our 3 varieties of bulk road salts. In this 2nd ice melt breakdown, we’re focusing on our diverse lineup of packaged de-icers available for snow & ice management pros like you to dominate ice effectively:

Sodium Chloride (NaCl) - The Classic Ice Warrior

  • Effective Down to: 5°F
  • Common Uses: Widely popular for general applications & highways
  • Typical Users: Municipalities, road maintenance crews, commercial property managers, homeowners, parking lot attendants
  • Advantages: Widely used, cost-effective, reliable
  • Considerations: Limited effectiveness in extremely low temperatures

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Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2) - Eco-Friendly Efficiency

  • Effective Down to: -15°F
  • Description: Considered "environmentally friendly" & suitable for various surfaces
  • Common Uses: Highways & road systems, sidewalks, walkways, driveways, residential areas, parking lots & garages, eco-sensitive or environmentally regulated areas, public transportation platforms
  • Typical Users: Environmental agencies, landscape contractors, facility managers in eco-conscious organizations, property managers for sensitive surfaces
  • Advantages: Works well in low temperatures, eco-friendly option
  • Considerations: Slightly higher cost compared to sodium chloride

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Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) - The Premium De-Icer

  • Effective Down to: -25°F
  • Description: Recognized as a "fast-acting, premium de-icer”
  • Common Uses: Airport runways & taxiways, emergency access routes, industrial facilities & loading docks, high-traffic commercial areas
  • Typical Users: Winter event venue managers, airport operations teams, emergency responders, industrial facility managers
  • Advantages: Exceptional melting power, fast-acting
  • Considerations: Higher cost, may be corrosive on certain surfaces

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Potassium Chloride (KCl) - Slow and Steady

  • Effective Down to: -15°F
  • Common Uses: Golf courses or country club parking lots & walkways, parks & recreational areas, college campuses, school parking lots & walkways, sensitive environmental zones
  • Typical Users: Golf course maintenance crews, parks & recreation departments, educational institutions, sustainable or eco-friendly property managers
  • Advantages: Environmentally friendly, suitable for sensitive areas
  • Considerations: Slower melting compared to other options

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Acetates - Precision for Sensitive Surfaces

  • Common Uses: Structural concrete surfaces, parking garages, airports with chloride restrictions, areas near water bodies with environmental concerns
  • Typical Users: Structural engineers, parking garage facility managers, airport grounds crews, areas where chloride-based de-icers are restricted
  • Advantages: Ideal for areas where traditional chlorides are restricted
  • Considerations: May be less effective in extreme cold

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Water Softener Salt - A Safe Alternative

  • Common Uses: Residential driveways & walkways, pet-friendly areas, places with landscaping or vegetation concerns, outdoor areas where people & pets frequent
  • Typical Users: Residential homeowners with pets, pet-friendly businesses (veterinary clinics, pet care facilities), areas with strict environmental regulations
  • Advantages: Human & pet safe ice melt, alternative to traditional rock salt
  • Considerations: May be less effective in extremely low temperatures

[Shop Water Softener Salt]

Other Ice Melt Products - Versatile De-Icing

  • Common Compounds: Urea, ammonium sulfate, glycols, formates
  • Common Uses: Industrial facilities with specific requirements, areas with unique environmental considerations, specialized applications based on compound characteristics
  • Typical Users: Chemical plants & manufacturing facilities, specialized de-icing service providers, transportation authorities for specific applications
  • Advantages: Versatile options, compounds for specific needs
  • Considerations: Limited market share, specialized use cases

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In this guide, we've explored our extensive packaged ice melt options, each offering unique benefits. As you tailor your winter service offerings, each property’s specific needs & choose the most effective ice melt solutions. For additional guidance or expert advice, contact a Russo winter specialist to optimize your snow & ice management strategy!

2023 Russo Ice Melt Lineup

Want to Learn about Other Ice Melts Available at Russo?

To further understand the effective ice melts available to you here at Russo, read about our assortment of Bulk Road Salts & revolutionary liquid de-icers in the other two parts of our Ice Melts Explained blog trilogy!

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