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FREE SHIPPING on online orders over $100!*
FREE SHIPPING on online orders over $100!*

Two Fleet Discount Tiers to Help Pros Like You Save Big!

STIHL has always had your back, and with their Pro Fleet Program, they want to help you save big on some of their top-rated equipment. To be eligible, you need to be involved in the commercial landscaping business on a full-time basis and you must make a Tier 1 or Tier 2 qualifying purchase:

  • Tier 1: 10% off MSRP with a $2,500-$4,999 MSRP purchase of select products* on one invoice
  • Tier 2: 20% off MSRP with a $5,000+ MSRP purchase of select products* on one invoice

You will also be eligible for reorders through the Pro Fleet Program, meaning that for the 12 months following your purchase, you will continue to receive discounts at your qualifying tier level for all qualifying serialized products**! See fine print for restrictions.

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Tier 2 Pricing Example

Exciting News: STIHL Shipping is Available!

Russo is an authorized dealer of STIHL's Buy Online, Ship to Home program. Meaning we can now ship select STIHL products straight to you! Shop our selection of qualified to ship STIHL products.

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Perform Better With Battery-Power

With 4 lines of battery-powered equipment, STIHL has something for everyone! For Landscaping Pros, though, their top-tier AP Professional system is the only option. With a lightweight design, instant start feature, zero exhaust emissions, quiet performance, and countless other benefits, there is no reason to be stuck in the past when the future of landscaping equipment is here at your fingertips! Find out more about STIHL's 4 battery-powered systems below.

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Which Battery System is Right for You?

AS Battery Hand Tool System*

For smaller, more precise tasks - The innovative AS Battery Hand Tool System combines capability, convenience, and comfort. Perfect for precision gardening and landscaping tasks, these tools are designed to be versatile, compact, lightweight, and easy to use.

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STIHL's Environmental Commitment

Over the past decade, STIHL has made massive strides in research & development to be as environmentally responsible as possible, minimizing the environmental footprint of the landscape industry one product at a time. The STIHL Inc. “Caring for Nature” seal identifies their more environmentally conscious products & oils that release zero or low exhaust emissions. Now more than ever, landscape professionals can make a mark on this world, and STIHL aims to be at the forefront of that mission.

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Request a Demo & Try Some STIHL Tools!

Do you want to see this powerful STIHL equipment in action before upgrading your fleet? No Problem! Our on-the-spot expert will help you understand each tool's full potential & even let you take them for a spin, so you'll have all the confidence you need heading into your next job.

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*Serialized product (including AP & AR batteries) must make up a minimum of 50% of the order to be eligible. A Pro Fleet discount less than the tier minimum does not qualify for reimbursement. All serialized units except FS 38/40/50, BG 50, RB 200, AS, AI and AK battery units, and iMOW® (see iMOW® Pro Fleet Program). AP & AR batteries qualify as serialized units. STIHL branded accessories (must not exceed 50% of the order). MS/MSA chainsaw units are not eligible for fleet discounts. Only one MS/MSA, one TS/TSA, and one GS unit may be purchased through the Pro Fleet Program on a qualifying order. These units do not count toward the qualifying dollar amount. These are “add-on” units only.
**Serialized units only (no accessories on reorders). MS/MSA, TS/TSA, and GS units are not eligible on reorders.

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