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Ice Melts Explained: Bulk Road Salt

Ice Melts Explained: Bulk Road Salt

Choosing the proper de-icer can be a challenge. To simplify your decision during the busy winter season, this 3-part blog series breaks down our extensive lineup of tailored snow & ice management solutions including bulk road salt, packaged ice melt, and liquid brine. To kick things off, we're highlighting our trio of effective bulk road salt solutions:

Standard Rock Salt

Standard Bulk Road Salt

Also referred to as road salt, this is one of the most popular ice melt options available. Rock salt contains sodium chloride, is a white color, and works down to 5°F, making it a great option for fairly common winter weather & temperatures.

  • Common Uses: Widely utilized on highways, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots
  • Typical Users: Municipalities, commercial properties, and residential areas
  • Ideal Surfaces: Rock salt doesn’t chemically damage concrete, making it versatile & effective on several surfaces
  • Advantages: Cost-effective, versatile, typically widely available
  • Disadvantages: Potential corrosion or environmental harm, not effective at below zero temperatures

Treated Rock Salt

Treated Bulk Road Salt

Working down to -20°F, treated salt is our most effective option for even the most frigid winter weather. This treated, orange-colored salt contains a blend of Calcium & Performance Enhancer with Corrosion Inhibitor. In addition to increased melting performance, pros appreciate benefits like less bounce or scatter, decreased hardening while being stored, and no odor over time.

  • Common Uses: Ideal for extreme cold, high-traffic areas, and places where cautionary de-icing is necessary
  • Typical Users: Industrial, residential, and commercial properties in harsh climates
  • Ideal Surfaces: Works efficiently on various surfaces, including concrete
  • Advantages: Superior bulk ice melt, reduced scatter, enhanced storage benefits, no smell, orange color helps improve application visibility while spreading
  • Disadvantages: Slightly higher cost compared to standard rock salt, but this can be offset because less treated salt is required to be effective

Blended Rock Salt

Blended Bulk Road Salt

This cost-effective solution is a 50/50 blend of our standard & treated rock salts, giving professional snow & ice management crews the best of both worlds. Identified by its white & orange color, our rock salt blend melts ice at very cold temperatures but is more cost-effective than other options.

  • Common Uses: Similar uses as standard rock salt, but can also be used where a gentler ice melt is required such as parks & rec facilities, dog parks, and other public areas
  • Typical Users: Cost-aware professionals, Eco-conscious contracts
  • Ideal Surfaces: Suitable for sensitive surfaces & environmentally friendly applications
  • Advantages: Economical, increased melting performance, less harsh than pure rock salt
  • Disadvantages: Less effective in extreme cold compared to treated salt

Choosing the right bulk salt de-icer is essential in the battle against winter weather. Our range of Standard Rock Salt, Treated, and Blended varieties offers tailored solutions for professionals, ensuring efficient snow & ice management in diverse conditions. Explore our selection, optimize your approach, and hit the roads with confidence this winter!

Russo Bulk Road Salt Comparison Chart

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To further understand the effective ice melts available to you here at Russo, read about our assortment of packaged ice melts & revolutionary liquid de-icers in the other two parts of our Ice Melts Explained blog trilogy!

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