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Pneumatic Tire Wheel Assembly 9x3.50x4 for Scag 48307

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Replaces OEM Part Numbers:

Scag: 48006-01, 48006-1, 481896, 48307, 48307-01

Fits Models:

Scag: 258 Models, RS-S, SCR42-25CH, SCR48-25CH, SCR48-27KA, SCR52-25CH, SCR52-27KA, SM-52, SM-61, SM-61A, SM-61B, SM-61E, SM-61V, SM-72, SM-72A, SM-72E, SR-18B, ST-11B, ST-12B, ST-13K, ST-13KA, ST-17KA, ST-18B, ST-18KH, STG-18KH, STH-13BV, STH-13KH, STH-18KH, STH-20KH, STHM-18KH, STHM-20CV, STHM-20KH, STHM-20KH-1001, STHM-22CH, STHM-22CV, STHM-22CV-40000, STHM-23CV, STR-20CH, STR-22CH, SW-12B-0001, SW-13BV, SW-13K-0001, SW-13KH, SW-14KA, SW-14KA-10000, SW-14KA-40000, SW-14KA-50001, SW-14KH-10000, SW-14KH-40000, SW-14KH-50001, SW-16BV, SW-16BV-40000, SW-16BV-50001, SW-16BVE-50001, SW-17KA, SW-18B-0690, SW-18BV, SW-18BV-40000, SW-18BV-50001, SW-18CVE, SW-18CVE-40000, SW-18CVE-50001, SW-18EKH, SW-18KH, SW-18KH-10000, SW-18KH-1801, SW-20EKH, SW-20KHE-10000, SW32-12B, SW32-13BV, SW32-13KA, SW32-13KA-40000, SW32-13KA-50001, SW32-13KH, SW32-15KA, SW36-12B, SW36-12BS, SW36-13BV, SW36-13K, SW36-13KA, SW36-13KA-10000, SW36-13KH, SW36-13KH-10000, SW36-8J, SW36A-13KA, SW36A-13KH, SW36A-14KA, SW36A-15KA, SW36A-15KH, SW48-12B, SW48-13BV, SW48-13K, SW48-13KA, SW48-13KH, SW52-13K, SW52-18KH, SW61-18KH, SWZ-14KA, SWZ-14KH, SWZ-18KH, SWZ-20KHE, SWZ36-14KA, SWZ36-14KH, SWZ48-14KA, SWZ48-14KH

Wheel Size 9x35.0-4
Tread Smooth
Rim Size 4"
Hub 4" T
Bore 3/4" with reducing spanner to accomodate 5/8"
Color Orange

⚠ #2 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and, which are know to the the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to