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Oregon 91-638 Mower Blade 21 In.

by Oregon
SKU 91-638
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Replaces OEM Part Numbers:

Bobcat 42180B, WM142180B

Dixon 522829301, 522936601, 539105711, 539109755, 574481301

Ferris 20842, 20842s, 481712, 5020842, 5020842s, 5101755, 5101755BM, 5101755S, 5101755YP, 5103305S, A48304

Gravely GDU10232

J Thomas SG-608

John Deere GDU10232, TCU36515

Kees 101733

Lesco 50170, 5070, 60116

Scag 48111, 481708, 481712, 482787, 482879, 482881, 48304

Snapper 17081, 5103305S, 5104045SYP, 7017081, 7073396, 7073396YP, 7075770, 7075770BMA, 7075770BZ, 7075770YP, 75770

Stens 340-882

Sunbelt B1SC3802

Fits Models:

Ferris 1000Z, IS2000Z, IS3100Z, IS4500Z, IS5100Z, PCM4818K, PCM6118K, PCM61200, PCT4818B, PCT6118B, PCW6114K, R61R

Scag SFZ48-19KA, SFZ48-20FS, SFZ48-26BS, SFZ52-19KA, SFZ52-20FS, SFZ52-26BS, SFZ61-24FS, SFZ61-27BS, SFZ61-28BS, SFZ61-30BS, SFZ61-730FS, SM-61, SM-61A, SM-61B, SM-61E, SM-61V, SMFZ-48, SMFZ-52, SMFZ-61, SMT-52A, SMT-61A, SMT-61A 31BV, SMT-61V, SMT-61V BVAC/BV, SMT-61V STT-31EFI, SMT-72V, SMT-72VS, SMT-72VS STT 31EFI, SMTC-48V, SMWC-52V, SMWC-61A, SMWC-61V, SMZ-61, SSZ-18CV, SSZ-20CV, SSZ-22CV, SSZ4216BV, SSZ4816BV, SSZ4818CV, STC48V-19KAI, STC48V-23CV, STC48V-25CV, STC48V-26BS, STC52V-25CV, STC52V-27CV-SS, STC61V-23BV, STC61V-23FX, STC61V-25CV, STC61V-26CV-EFI, STC61V-27BS, STC61V-27CV, STC61V-730FX, STG-18KH, STHM-18KH, STHM-20CV, STHM-20KH, STHM-20KH-1001, STHM-22CH, STHM-22CV, STHM-23CV, STT-28CAT-SS, STT-29CH-EFI, STT-31EFI-SS, STT-35BVAC, STT-35BVAC-SS, STT-791DFI, STT52-22CH, STT52-25CH, STT52B-22CH, STT52B-22KA, STT52B-25CH, STT52V-27CH, STT52V-29CH-EFI, STT61-22CH, STT61-22KA, STT61-23CH, STT61-25CH, STT61A-22KA, STT61A-23CH, STT61A-23KA, STT61A-25CH, STT61A-27CH, STT61A-27KA, STT61A-29KA-DFI, STT61A-31BV, STT61B-22CH, STT61B-22KA, STT61B-25CH, STT61V-25CH-LP, STT61V-25KA, STT61V-25KBD, STT61V-25KBD-SS, STT61V-26CH-EFI, STT61V-26DFI, STT61V-27CH, STWC61A-27CV, STZ-20KH, SVR61V-25FX, SVR61V-26CV-EFI, SW-14KA, SW-16BV, SW-17KA, SW-18BV, SW-18CVE, SW32-13KA, SW36-13KA, SW36-13KH, SW48-14KA, SW48-14KAE, SW48-14KH, SW48-16BV, SW48-17KA, SWM-61/E, SWM-61A, SWM-61V, SWMU-61A, SWZ, SWZ-14KA, SWZ-16BV, SWZ-16BVE, SWZ-17KA, SWZ-18BV, SWZ-18FS, SWZ-20CVE, SWZ-20FS, SWZ-21KAE, SWZ-22FSE, SWZ-600FS, SWZ-651FSE, SWZ36A-14FS, SWZ36A-16FS, SWZ36A-16FS-LE, SWZ36A-481FS, SWZ48-14KA, SWZ48-14KAE, SWZ48-14KH, SWZ48-16BV, SWZ48-17KA, SWZ48V-15FS, SWZ48V-18FS, SWZ48V-18FS-LE, SWZ48V-541FS, SWZ52V-18FS, SWZ52V-20FS, SWZ52V-600FS

Blade Width 2.50"
Thickness 0.203"
Blade Length 21"
Center Hole Size 5/8"
OffSet 0
Air Lift 1"

⚠ #2 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and, which are know to the the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to