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FREE SHIPPING on online orders over $100!*

Oregon 91-622 Mower Blade 18 In.

by Oregon
SKU 91-622
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Replaces OEM Part Numbers:

Bobcat 32022, 32022A, 32022HD, WM132022

Bunton-Goodall PL4206

DR 225381

Dixon 10715, 11633, 539100341, 539105712

Encore 363291, 481707, 482462

Ferris 21227S, 481711, 5021227, 5021227S, 5021227X2, 5101756S, 5101756X2, 5103304S, 5103304X2, A48185

Husqvarna 100341, 101485, 539100341, 539101485, 539105712

J Thomas SG-3404, SG-3442

Jacobsen 363055, 390665

John Deere AM104490, PT8721, TCU29188, TCU29869, TCU35393, TCU37208

Landscape Supply 91622

Laser 91054, 91778

Lastec 027048

Lesco 50125, 50140

Mowmore SC18

PLP 114-910

Prime Line 7-04960

Rotary 3404

Scag 48108, 481707, 481711, 48185, 482462, 482878, 482879, 482961, 483317, A481108, A48185

Simplicity 1756152AYP, 1756152SYP, 5101756S, 5101756SYP, 5103304SYP, A48185

Snapper 17037, 1756152SYP, 5101756S, 5101756SYP, 5101756X2, 5103304S, 5103304SYP, 5103304X2, 7017037, 7075751, 7075751BMA, 7075751BZ, 7075751BZYP, 7076450, 7077344, 76450, 77344

Sunbelt B1SC2801

Toro 1-633482, 1-633485, 103-2508, 103-2518, 103-2528, 105-7779, 105-7779-03, 105-7781, 105-7781-03, 105-7794, 105-7794-03, 105-7795, 105-7795-03, 105-7796, 105-7796-03, 108-1118, 110-0406, 110-0408, 110-0409, E633482, E633485

Wright Stander 71440001

Fits Models:

DR Versa Pro Z

John Deere 636M, 652M QuikTrak

Scag Freedom Z, GC-SFZ, SCZ48V-22FX, SCZ48V-23CV, SCZ48V-25CV, SCZ48V-26BS, SCZ48V-28BS, SCZ48V-691FX, SCZ52V-23FX, SCZ52V-25CV, SCZ52V-25CV-EFI, SCZ52V-26BS, SCZ52V-27CV, SCZ52V-28BS, SCZ52V-730FX, SFW36-16BV, SFZ36-18FS, SFZ48-19KA, SFZ48-20FS, SFZ48-26BS, SFZ48-600FS, SFZ52-19KA, SFZ52-20FS, SFZ52-23FS, SFZ52-25BS, SFZ52-26BS, SFZ52-27BS, SFZ52-600FS, SFZ52-691FS, SFZ61-24FS, SFZ61-27BS, SFZ61-28BS, SFZ61-30BS, SFZ61-730FS, SM-52, SM-61A, SM-61V, SMFZ-36, SMFZ-48, SMFZ-52, SMFZ-61, SMT-52A, SMT-52V, SMT-61A, SMT-61A 31BV, SMT-61V, SMT-61V BVAC, SMT-61V STT-31EFI, SMT-61V Turf Tiger, SMT-72V, SMT-72VS, SMT-72VS STT 31EFI, SMTC-48V, SMTC-52A, SMVR-36A, SMVR-48V, SMVR-52V, SMWC-52A, SMWC-52V, SMWC-61A, SMWC-61V, SMZ-52, SSZ-18CV, SSZ-20CV, SSZ-22CV, STC48V-19KAI, STC48V-22FS, STC48V-22FS-LE, STC48V-23CV, STC48V-25CV, STC48V-26BS, STC48V-27BS, STC48V-651FS, STC52A-21KA, STC52A-23KA, STC52A-23LV, STC52A-24HN, STC52V-22FX, STC52V-23BV, STC52V-23KA, STC52V-24FX, STC52V-24HN, STC52V-25CV, STC52V-25CV-EFI, STC52V-27CV, STC52V-27CV-SS, STC52V-691FX, STC61V-23BV, STC61V-23FX, STC61V-25CV, STC61V-26CV-EFI, STC61V-27BS, STC61V-27CV, STC61V-730FX, STHM-18KH, STHM-20CV, STHM-20KH, STHM-20KH-1001, STHM-22CH, STHM-22CV, STHM-22CV-40000, STHM-22CV-50001, STHM-23CV, STT-28CAT-SS, STT-29CH-EFI, STT-31EFI-SS, STT-35BVAC, STT-35BVAC-SS, STT-791DFI, STT52-22CH, STT52-22KA, STT52-23CH, STT52-25CH, STT52A-22KA, STT52A-23CH, STT52A-23KA, STT52A-25CH, STT52A-27CH, STT52B-22CH, STT52B-22KA, STT52B-25CH, STT52V-25CH-LP, STT52V-26CH-EFI, STT52V-27CH, STT52V-29CH-EFI, STT61-22CH, STT61-25CH, STT61A-27CH, STT61A-27KA, STT61A-29KA-DFI, STT61A-31BV, STT61B-22CH, STT61B-22KA, STT61B-25CH, STT61V-25CH-LP, STT61V-25KA, STT61V-25KBD, STT61V-25KBD-SS, STT61V-26CH-EFI, STT61V-26DFI, STT61V-27CH, STZ52-20KH, SW-14KA, SW-14KA-10000, SW-14KA-50001, SW-14KH-10000, SW-14KH-50001, SW-16BV, SW-16BV-50001, SW-16BVE-50001, SW-17KA, SW-18BV, SW-18BV-50001, SW-18CVE, SW-18CVE-50001, SW-18KH-10000, SW-20KHE-10000, SW32-13KA, SW32-13KA-50001, SW32-14FS, SW32-15KAI, SW32-16FS, SW32-481FS, SW36-13KA, SW36-13KA-10000, SW36-13KH, SW36-13KH-10000, SW36A-13KA, SW36A-13KH, SW36A-14FS, SW36A-14KA, SW36A-15KA, SW36A-15KH, SW36A-16FS, SW36A-16FS-LE, SW36A-16KAI, SW36A-17KAI, SW36A-481FS, SW48-14KA, SW48-14KA-10000, SW48-14KA-50001, SW48-14KAE, SW48-14KAE-50001, SW48-14KH, SW48-14KH-10000, SW48-14KH-50001, SW48-16BV, SW48-17KA, SW48V-14FS, SW48V-15KH, SW48V-16FS, SW48V-16KAI, SW48V-481FS, SW52A-17KA, SW52A-18HN, SW52A-18KH, SW52V-15FS, SW52V-17KAI, SW52V-18FS, SW52V-18HN, SW52V-18KH, SW52V-541FS, SWM-52A, SWM-52V, SWMU-52A, SWU36-15KH, SWU36A-15KA, SWU48A-17KA, SWU52A-17KA, SWZ, SWZ-14KA, SWZ-14KA-10000, SWZ-14KH, SWZ-14KH-10000, SWZ-16BV, SWZ-16BV-50001, SWZ-16BVE, SWZ-16BVE-50001, SWZ-17KA, SWZ-18BV, SWZ-18BV-50001, SWZ-18KH, SWZ-18KH-10000, SWZ-20CVE, SWZ-20CVE-50001, SWZ-20FS, SWZ-20KHE, SWZ-20KHE-10000, SWZ-21KAE, SWZ-22FSE, SWZ-600FS, SWZ-651FSE, SWZ36-14KA, SWZ36-15KH, SWZ36A-14FS, SWZ36A-14KA, SWZ36A-15KA, SWZ36A-16FS, SWZ36A-16FS-LE, SWZ36A-16KAI, SWZ36A-17KAI, SWZ36A-481FS, SWZ48V-15FS, SWZ48V-17KAI, SWZ48V-18FS, SWZ48V-18FS-LE, SWZ48V-541FS, SWZ52A-17KA, SWZ52A-18HN, SWZ52A-18KH, SWZ52A-19KAI, SWZ52V-17KAI, SWZU36A-15KA, SWZU52A-17KA, Tiger Cub, Turf Tiger, Wildcat

Snapper Pro 7 Series 0,1,2,4, Pro Series 0

Toro Laser Z, Metro, ProLine, Turf Ranger, Turf Tracer, Viking

Blade Width 2.50"
Thickness 0.203"
Blade Length 18"
Center Hole Size 5/8"
OffSet 0
Air Lift 1"

⚠ #2 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and, which are know to the the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to