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Foamstream L12 Sprayer

SKU FSM-L12-780


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The Foamstream L12 is a portable, compact machine that is perfect for those just getting started in their Foamstream journey. The L12 has a very quick start up of between 30 and 60 seconds, and is simple and easy to use. It requires no formal training or certifications so your team can get started in no time at all. Its hose length of 65ft means that it can reach even difficult areas with ease. The L12 wand weighs just 5.5lbs, light enough so that there is minimal strain on the arms while the machine is in use. The L12 can be used for a whole variety of tasks, not just for weed control. Use your L12 to kill unwanted vegetation in addition to carrying out cleaning tasks such as graffiti removal and sanitising street furniture. LEARN MORE >


  • Suited for large scale jobs
  • Largest machine in the range – 1207mm x 1040mm x 1850mm
  • 30-60 second start-up time
  • Reliable Honda GX390 Stage V compliant propane engine
  • 280kg when dry and 1205kg when wet
  • 20m hose
  • 12L flow rate per minute


  • Weed Control - Weed control is at the core of what we do and what Foamstream was founded on.
  • Moss and Algae Control - Foamstream removes moss and algae quickly, effectively and safely.
  • Gum & Graffiti Removal - Foamstream can be used easily and effectively to clear street surfaces and street furniture.
  • Urban Cleaning - Foamstream’s low-pressure delivery is ideal for use on delicate surfaces such as historical monuments.
  • Street Sanitation - Approved as an organic biocide, Foamstream can be used as a method of street sanitisation.
  • General Cleaning - Foamstream can be used for nearly any sort of vegetation control or outdoor cleaning activity.
Weight (Empty Water Tank) 739 lbs.
Weight (Full 172 gal. Water Tank) 2374 lbs.
Height 42.12 in.
Width 40.94 in.
Width + Water Tank 49.21 in.
Depth 38.38 in.
Depth + Water Tank 72.83 in.
Engine Honda GX390
Gas Consumption .3 gal/hour
Diesel Consumption 2 gal/hour
Water Tank Capacity 172 gal.
Foam Concentrate Capacity 5.68 gal.
Foam Concentrate Storage Temp. 41–104˚F
Kill Zone Temp 135˚F or higher
Wand Weight 5.5 lbs.
Hose Length 65.6 feet
# of Applications to Kill Weeds Average 3 per year
Ways to Haul It Truck Bed, Trailer, Select RTVs with large load capacities

⚠ #2 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and, which are know to the the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to