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Ice Melts Explained: Liquid De-Icer

Ice Melts Explained: Liquid De-Icer

Welcome back to our Ice Melts Explained blog series where we look at the distinct differences & unique advantages of our diverse ice melt solutions. After digging into bulk road salts & packaged ice melts, it's finally time to tackle liquid de-Icer. Although uncharted territory for some, it has proven to be a revolutionary snow & ice management solution that could be your key to success this winter!

What is Liquid De-Icer?

Simply put, liquid de-icer (also known as liquid brine) is a potent mix of salt & water, carefully crafted to eliminate ice with maximum accuracy. Unlike solid ice melts, liquid covers every inch it’s sprayed on, transforming the de-icing process by minimizing the guesswork to ensure ample coverage every time.

Types of Liquid De-Icer

  • Salt Brine (Sodium Chloride & Water): The simplest & most affordable liquid de-icing mixture
  • Calcium or Magnesium Chloride: Both are extracted from natural sources in the ground & have elevated melting capabilities, proving to be more effective than stand-alone salt brine
  • Additives: Enhancers like beet juice, distillery byproducts, & polymers can be used to boost performance by working to lower temps, better adhere to surfaces, & reduce potential damage
  • Russo Liquid Power Melt®: Our liquid calcium solution contains Ice Ban, a non-toxic & natural liquid concentrate. With an average application rate of 40 gallons per acre, Russo Liquid Power Melt® works down to -20°F & is available by the gallon, in 265-gallon totes, or by the truckload!

Advantages of Liquid De-Icer

  • Immediate Action: Once applied, liquid ice melt starts working almost instantly
  • Increased Efficiency: Brine melts ice 3-4x faster & requires up to 70% less application than rock salt. Plus, equipment can be more effective with better traction on roads & in parking lots
  • Longer Lasting: Liquid can outlast solid alternatives that can get displaced from the application site. Surfaces may even become seasoned, not requiring an application for each weather event
  • Profitability Boost: Better precision prevents overuse & requires fewer applications, while increased efficiency translates to lower labor costs
  • Less Maintenance: Liquid’s lower salt content results in less equipment wear & tear, minimizing your upkeep needs to save your company even more money
  • Customer Loyalty: Brine’s lower salinity also reduces damage to property, buildings, foundations, doorframes, & more, resulting in higher client satisfaction even after the first use!
  • Optimal Storage: With no lumping/coagulation, liquid remains effective for longer, even when stored outside
  • Environmental Edge: Optimal application rates with less chloride pollution ensure minimal environmental impact, making it a more sustainable choice

Application Tips & Implementation Techniques for Liquid De-Icer

  • Pre-Treatment: Apply up to 24-48 hours ahead of a winter weather event to allow for optimal drying & maximum effectiveness with this proactive approach
  • Post-Treatment: Apply brine after plowing or shoveling to ensure thorough coverage while melting snow & ice that is left behind from your initial snow removal efforts
  • Invest in the Proper Equipment: Specialty equipment is often needed, but adding reliable tools improves overall cost-savings made possible by the numerous other benefits of liquid de-icer
  • Success in Education: Liquid is a newer de-icing solution, but there are countless learning opportunities online & in-person. Talk to a Russo ice melt specialist to understand the full capabilities/proper uses of liquid de-icer & its accompanying equipment
  • Timing & Weather Considerations: Rain/sleet can dilute the solution, making timing & precision an incredibly important variable. Liquid must be applied with enough time to dry/stick to the surface to remain effective when the temperature drops & ice begins to form

Combining Liquid De-Icer with Solid Ice Melts for Maximum Coverage

Although potent on their own, using various ice melts simultaneously can offer steady control & maximize effectiveness:

  • Apply liquid de-icers before freezing occurs so the brine can properly adhere to the pavement or concrete, proactively defending against the elements before snow or ice appears
  • During or after winter weather events, use rock salt or packaged ice melt to supplement your liquid application, ensuring safe surfaces in even the most unpredictable winter conditions
  • Liquid de-icer is often used to treat rock salt (called pre-wetting), helping it work to lower temperatures, reduce scattering, work faster, & boost effectiveness. There are even spreaders with integrated pre-wetting capabilities to treat salt as it’s spread, saving you time & resources

Whether utilizing bulk road salts, packaged ice melts, liquid de-icer, or a mixture of all three, our goal is to equip you with all the necessities to thrive this winter, not just survive. For truly successful winter operations, upgrade your equipment & supplies, utilize our most effective ice melt solutions, optimize your approach, and elevate your snow & ice management strategy to new heights this winter season!


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