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Oregon 98-631 Mulching Mower Blade 21 In.

by Oregon
SKU 98-631
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Replaces OEM Part Numbers:

Bolens: 742-0741, 942-0741, 942-0741A

Craftsman: 942-0741, 942-0741A, 942-0741A-X

Cub Cadet: 490-100-C089, 490-100-M084, 742-04276, 742-04276S, 742-04380, 742-04380-0684, 742-0741, 742-0741-X, 742-0741A, 742-0741A-X, 942-04276, 942-04380, 942-04380-0684, 942-0741, 942-0741-X, 942-0741A, 942-0741A-X, 9420741X, CC-742-0741, OEM-742-0641, OEM-742-0741

MTD: 01002810, 490-100-M084, 742-04276, 742-04276S, 742-04380, 742-04380-0684, 742-0641, 742-0741, 742-0741-S, 742-0741A, 742-0741A-X, 942-04380, 942-04380-0684, 942-0741, 942-0741-X, 942-0741A, 942-0741A-X, OEM-742-0741

Ryobi: 742-0641

Snapper: 703371

Stens: 302-470

Troy-Bilt: 490-100-M084, 742-0741, 742-0741A, 942-0641, 942-0741, 942-0741A, OEM-742-0741

Yard Machine: 742-0641, 742-0741, 942-0741, 942-0741A

Fits Models:

Cub Cadet: 11A-A00X700, 11A-A00X799, 11A-A0A9897, 11A-A0BR799, 11A-A0S5731, 11A-A1B1758, 11A-A1KB783 RM140, 11A-A1S5700, 11A-A22J700, 11A-A2AQ897 P21XL-H, 11A-A2BA700, 11A-A2BA758, 11A-A2BX799, 11A-A40X897, 11A-A4BA897 P21, 11A-B0BA897, 11A-B0BA897 P21HW, 11A-B0BS799, 11A-B0S5700, 11A-B28S799, 11A-B29V897, 11A-B2BN704, 11A-B2BW799, 11A-B2BX799, 11A-B2KB783 RM160, 12A-A0A9778, 12A-A0BE700, 12A-A2B8799, 12A-B2A3778, 12ABB22J799, 12ABD29V897, 12ABD2AQ897 SP21S-H, 12ABD32J799, 12ACD29W897 SP21SE, 12AKD38S799, 12AKD3KB095, 12AKD3KB783 RM360, 12AKD3KH095, 12AVB15R799, 12AVB2A9704, 12AVB2KB783 RM205, 12AVB2RQ719, 12AVC62J719, 12AVC6RQ719, 12AVD6RQ719, 12AVD75R799, 12BGB2S6783 RM220, 12BVB15R799, RM110 11A-B12F783, RM120 11A-B22J783, RM210 12AVB22J783, RM220 12AGB2S6783

Ryobi: 11A-545734, 11A-545D034, 11A-546P034, 12A-568Q034

Troy-Bilt: 11A-426A011, 11A-426A066, 11A-426A711, 11A-426C211, 11A-426C266, 11A-429R766, 11A-436A711, 11A-436A766, 11A-436M011, 11A-436M066, 11A-436N063, 11A-436N211, 11A-436N266, 11A-436T063, 11A-439R766, 11A-542Q711, 11A-542Q766, 11A-546A711, 11A-546A766, 11A-546N711, 11A-549C766, 11A-549Q766, 11A-A22J766, 11A-A23N011, 11A-A23N066, 11A-A23O211, 11A-A23O711, 11A-A23O766, 11A-A26M011, 11A-A26M066, 11A-A26N211, 11A-A26N266, 11A-A2BM711, 11A-A2BM766, 11A-B0BL723, 11A-B2AQ723, 11A-B2BM766, 11A-B2RQ766, 11A-U2V2766, 12A-446A011, 12A-446A066, 12A-446A711, 12A-446C211, 12A-446C266, 12A-449A211, 12A-449R766, 12A-466A711, 12A-466A766, 12A-466M011, 12A-466M066, 12A-466N211, 12A-466N266, 12A-469R766, 12A-536N063, 12A-562Q711, 12A-566N711, 12A-566N766, 12A-959K063, 12A-998Q063, 12A-998Q766, 12A-999K063, 12A-A1BP723 (2019), 12A-A1BP723 (2021), 12A-A2BU711, 12A-A2BU766, 12A-C2BU711, 12A-L2DQ766 (2017, 2021), 12A-L2DQ766 (2018-19), 12A-M2MR766, 12A-N2DQ711, 12AD466N063, 12AD566N063, 12AD566N711, 12AD566N766, 12AE449A266, 12AE449D011, 12AE449D066, 12AE449E266, 12AF569O711, 12AF569O766, 12AGA2M6766, 12AGA2S6766, 12AK02MR766, 12AKC32N766, 12AKP3MR766, 12AVA2MR766 (2019), 12AVA2MR766 (2021), 12AVB2A3766, 12AVB2AQ711, 12AVB2AQ715, 12AVB2MR716, 12AVB2RQ766, 12AVO2A3766, 12BVB2MR766

Yard Machine: 115-410A000, 115-410A084, 115-410A147, 115-410A372, 115-411A033, 115-412A129, 115-412A134, 115-413A000, 115-414A302, 115-418C129, 115-418C134, 115-423A382, 115-424A033, 115-425A000, 115-426F372, 115-428C000, 115-428C023, 115-428C141, 115-808C000, 116-410A000, 116-411A033, 116-412A129, 116-413A000, 116-413A304, 116-414A302, 116-418C129, 116-424A033, 116-424A733, 116-424C372, 116-428C000, 116-428C141, 11A-418A300, 11A-418C033, 11A-41MB006, 11A-425G033, 11A-429B033, 11A-435E300, 11A-439R004, 11A-439S204, 11A-439W300, 11A-439W722, 11A-544B004, 11A-544K204, 11A-549P118, 11A-54M9006, 11A-54MC006, 11A549W300, 11B-413A033, 124-848C000, 125-148C000, 12A-378N033, 12A-378N733, 12A-379B033, 12A-458C033, 12A-469B033, 12A-469R004, 12A-469S204, 12A-469W722, 12A-568Q118, 12A-989Q795, 12AV569R004, 12AV569S204

Blade Width 2.50"
Thickness 0.187"
Blade Length 21"
Outer Hole Diameter 5/16"
Center Hole Size bow-tie
Center-to-Center 2-1/2"
OffSet 5/16"
Air Lift 3/4"
Gator Blade Series Gator® G3™

⚠ #2 WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and, which are know to the the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to