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Oregon 98-069 Center Mower Blade 14-7/8 In.

by Oregon
SKU 98-069
Special Order
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$12.67 - $12.67
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Replaces OEM Part Numbers:

Cub Cadet 742-0645942-0645

MTD 742-0645942-0645

Mowmore MTD1038

Rotary 1038

Stens 335-723

Sunbelt B1MA2424

Fits Models:

13A0675H301, 13A6665H000, 13A6675H301, 13A6695H000, 13A6695H147, 13A6698H033, 13A6699H192, 13A8693H026, 13AB699H062, 13AF673H131, 13AF695H352, 13AG679H009, 13AG679H023, 13AG679H709, 13AG698H022, 13AI673H352, 13AI674H352, 13AI675H062, 13AI693H131, 13AI695H372, 13AI699H062, 13AI699H088, 13AI69AH118, 13AJ693H131, 13AJ694H401, 13AJ695H205, 13AJ699H016, 13AJ699H062, 13AK695H352, 13AN693H026, 13AN695H352, 13AN698H009, 13AN698H022, 13AO673H054, 13AO673H754, 13AO678H054, 13AO69AG019, 13AQ665H000, 13AQ670H088, 13AQ670H788, 13AQ675H205, 13AQ675H302, 13AQ695H120, 13AQ695H352, 13AQ695H730, 13AQ698H022, 13AQ698H722, 13AQ699H205, 13AQ699H206, 13AS673H131, 13AS675H205, 13AS675H301, 13AS675H302, 13AS678H205, 13AS693H131, 13AS695H372, 13AS698H131, 13AS699H062, 13AS699H088, 13AS699H206, 13AS699H788, 13AT686H190, 13AT696H190, 13AU694H016, 13AU694H062, 13AU694H088, 13AU694H401, 13AU695H205, 13BG698H022, 13BI675H062, 13BJ695H205, 13BK695H352, 13BQ695H352, 13BS693H131, 13BT696H190, 147U836H190, 147W834H401, 14A9843H206, 14AI825H352, 14AI828H205, 14AI839H131, 14AI845H088, 14AI845H129, 14AI845H352, 14AI845H372, 14AI848H205, 14AI849H016, 14AI849H131, 14AJ825H118, 14AJ844H401, 14AJ845H062, 14AJ848H016, 14AJ848H131, 14AJ849H131, 14AJ84AH062, 14AK825H033, 14AQ825H206, 14AS820H352, 14AS825H000, 14AS825H013, 14AS825H033, 14AS825H062, 14AS825H118, 14AS825H205, 14AS825H206, 14AS825H302, 14AS825H700, 14AS82AH013, 14AS833H131, 14AS83AH000, 14AS840H120, 14AS843H131, 14AS845H000, 14AS845H088, 14AS845H147, 14AS845H372, 14AS845H788, 14AS848H022, 14AS848H098, 14AS849H009, 14AS84AH019, 14AS84AH062, 14AU836H190, 14AU844H401, 14AU845H062, 14AU845H088, 14AU848H300, 14AW834H401, 14AW844H401, 14B9843H206, 14BI845H129, 14BJ845H062, 14BJ848H131, 14BS833H131, 14BS843H131, 14BS843H352, 14BS845H088, 14BU836H190, 190-117-000, 190-180-190, 190-181-190, 190-182-190, 190-601-000, 190-601-101, 190-602-000, 190-602-101, 190-625-101, 190-626-101, 190-821-000, 190-821-101, OEM-190-180, OEM-190-181, OEM-190-182, OEM-190-182A, OEM-190-601, OEM-190-602, OEM-190-625, OEM-190-626, OEM-190-821


Blade Width 3.00"
Thickness 0.120"
Blade Length 14-7/8"
Center Hole Size 5/8" 6 pt. star
OffSet 5/16"
Air Lift 1-3/16"

California Proposition 65 - This product can expose you to certain chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.