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Oregon 92-029 Mower Blade 16-1/4 In.

by Oregon
SKU 92-029
Original price $11.99 - Original price $11.99
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Replaces OEM Part Numbers:

Exmark: 103-6381, 103-6381-S, 103-6391, 103-6391-S, 103-6396, 103-6396-S, 103-6401, 103-6401-S, 116-5177, 116-5177-S

J Thomas: EX-16

Mowmore: EX11231

Rotary: 11231

Stens: 355-229, 355-335

Sunbelt: B1SB11231

Toro: 109-6872

Fits Models:

Exmark: LZE20KA484, LZE22KA484, LZE600GKA484A2, LZE600KA484, LZE651GKA484A2, LZS22KA484, LZS22KA484CA, LZS651CKA484A2, LZS651KA484, LZS651KA484CA, LZX23KC486, LZX680KC486, Lazer Z AS, Lazer Z CT, Lazer Z HP, Metro HP, Next Lazer ASX, Next Lazer Z Air Cooled, PNE22KA482, PNE651GKA48200, PNE651KA482, PNE710GKC48200, PNS22KA483, PNS651KA483, PNS710GKC48300, PNS710GKC483A4, PNS710KC483, Quest, Quest SP, RAE708GEM48300, RAE720CKC48300, RAS710CKC48300, RAX651GKA484A3, TTS16KA483, TTS16KA483CA, TTS20KAE483, TTS20KAE483CA, TTS20PKAE483, TTS481GKA48300, TTS481KA483, TTS541CKA48300, TTS541KA483CA, TTS600GKA483E0, TTS600KAE483, TTS600PKAE483, TTS680PKC48300, TTS680PKC483E0, TTS680PKCE483, Turf Tracer HP, VT20KA484, VT24KA484, VT24KA484CA, VT651KA484, VT691KA484CA, VTS651KA484, VTS651KA484CA, VTS691CKA48400, VTS691KA484CA, VTX651GKA48400, VTX651KA484, Vantage

Toro: 74812, 74816, Titan


Length: 16-1/4"

Width: 2.50"

Thicnkess: 0.203"

Center Hole Size: 15/16"

OffSet: 0

Air Lift: 1"

California Proposition 65 - This product can expose you to certain chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.