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FREE SHIPPING on online orders over $100!*

Green Technology

Battery-Powered and Robotic Equipment

At Russo, Every Day is Earth Day!

When you're a part of the green industry, green initiatives are extra important. 

That's why we invest in state-of-the-art, environmentally conscious products from top brands.

Why Flip the Switch Away from Fuel   |   Battery-Powered Brands   |   FAQs   |   Demos

Why Flip the Switch Away from Fuel?

Battery-powered handheld equipment has been a staple for many years, and brands like STIHL and Husqvarna continue to lead the handheld segment. Robots from ECHO have slowly been changing the way stadiums and municipalities maintain large acreage. The Mean Green 74" Zero-Turn and Toro GrandStand Revolution Series have spurred the creation of new technology to support big machinery.

Efficient for Crews & the Planet

Handheld Equipment — No more mixing oil or constantly replacing filters. Looking at battery-powered equipment strictly from a maintenance perspective, you will save time and money that can be put directly into your bottom line.

Mowers & Loaders — While some brands have been specializing in battery options for years, it's now becoming more universal. From optional solar charging canopies to battery packs with all-day run time, this segment of battery-powered machinery is only going to continue to grow.

Robotic Mowers — When you manage parks, you also inevitably manage sports turf. Maintaining these properties is demanding... until you have battery-powered robots that will mow a field for the entire season! Wireless and GPS technology combine to allow you to control robotic machines from your phone so you can make a set schedule or adjust for weather and events.

Explore the Battery Advantage

Battery-Powered Brands

We have hand-picked brands that can outfit your entire crew with battery-powered equipment for any task you have!

We know that the future of landscaping is battery-powered, and it starts right here at Russo.

ECHO eFORCE™ 56V Collection

Another powerful option for pros and homeowners!

The NEW ECHO eFORCE™ Battery System provides a fleet of cordless equipment options all running on one battery platform. ECHO eFORCE™ 2.5Ah or 5.0Ah batteries deliver 56V of dependable, long-lasting power and quickly swap from product to product. The ECHO eFORCE™ batteries feature ECHO's exclusive eCM™ Technology to maximize the battery's lifetime.

  • 16 and 17" Line Trimmer
  • 17" Brushcutter
  • 21" Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
  • Pro Attachment Series (PAS)
  • 549 CFM Handheld Blower
  • 12" Top Handle Chainsaw
  • 18" Rear Handle Chainsaw
  • Hedge Trimmer
Avant e seriesAvant e series

Frequently Asked Questions

How can we dispose of batteries?

Many of these batteries are designed to have a very long shelf life, but eventually, they do run out. When batteries no longer hold their charge, they need to be properly disposed and every municipality has different rules. If you aren't sure of your local regulations, nationwide programs like Call 2 Recycle can help! Check out their program here at

How many spare batteries will I need to order?

This varies by brand. Toro's new Revolution line is designed to last all day, while some handheld brands run for 30-45 minutes before needing a charge. Each manufacturer will be different.

Are there finance options available for battery-powered fleets?

Absolutely! Battery-powered equipment is definitely an investment in the future of landscaping and we know it can be costly. That's why we're excited to work with you on finding the best way to get your battery-powered fleets set up. Additionally there are Federal Tax Incentives to take advantage of.

Commit to Trying

Schedule a Demo

We know change is hard and you have a lot of questions about how these products can fit into your current line-up. Step 1 is scheduling a demo with our battery-powered specialists. You and your crew will get to feel the smooth ride, see the quality cut, and hear the lack of noise firsthand.

Request a Demo

Seasonal Robot Rentals

After your team has participated in a personalized, hands-on demo and has experienced this technology firsthand, they'll be asking to bring it on board. That's why we've created a one-of-a-kind seasonal rental program, specifically for robots. Use them as if they were your own for the season and see how much of an impact they can make. At the end of the program, you can go ahead and purchase the equipment or give it back, no strings attached!

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