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Pneumatic Tire Wheel Assembly 9x3.50x4 for Scag 48307

SKU PRO686511
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Replaces OEM Part Numbers:

Scag: 48006-01, 48006-1, 481896, 48307, 48307-01

Fits Models:

Scag: 258 Models, RS-S, SCR42-25CH, SCR48-25CH, SCR48-27KA, SCR52-25CH, SCR52-27KA, SM-52, SM-61, SM-61A, SM-61B, SM-61E, SM-61V, SM-72, SM-72A, SM-72E, SR-18B, ST-11B, ST-12B, ST-13K, ST-13KA, ST-17KA, ST-18B, ST-18KH, STG-18KH, STH-13BV, STH-13KH, STH-18KH, STH-20KH, STHM-18KH, STHM-20CV, STHM-20KH, STHM-20KH-1001, STHM-22CH, STHM-22CV, STHM-22CV-40000, STHM-23CV, STR-20CH, STR-22CH, SW-12B-0001, SW-13BV, SW-13K-0001, SW-13KH, SW-14KA, SW-14KA-10000, SW-14KA-40000, SW-14KA-50001, SW-14KH-10000, SW-14KH-40000, SW-14KH-50001, SW-16BV, SW-16BV-40000, SW-16BV-50001, SW-16BVE-50001, SW-17KA, SW-18B-0690, SW-18BV, SW-18BV-40000, SW-18BV-50001, SW-18CVE, SW-18CVE-40000, SW-18CVE-50001, SW-18EKH, SW-18KH, SW-18KH-10000, SW-18KH-1801, SW-20EKH, SW-20KHE-10000, SW32-12B, SW32-13BV, SW32-13KA, SW32-13KA-40000, SW32-13KA-50001, SW32-13KH, SW32-15KA, SW36-12B, SW36-12BS, SW36-13BV, SW36-13K, SW36-13KA, SW36-13KA-10000, SW36-13KH, SW36-13KH-10000, SW36-8J, SW36A-13KA, SW36A-13KH, SW36A-14KA, SW36A-15KA, SW36A-15KH, SW48-12B, SW48-13BV, SW48-13K, SW48-13KA, SW48-13KH, SW52-13K, SW52-18KH, SW61-18KH, SWZ-14KA, SWZ-14KH, SWZ-18KH, SWZ-20KHE, SWZ36-14KA, SWZ36-14KH, SWZ48-14KA, SWZ48-14KH


Wheel Size 9x35.0-4
Tread Smooth
Rim Size 4"
Hub 4" T
Bore 3/4" with reducing spanner to accomodate 5/8"
Color Orange

California Proposition 65 - This product can expose you to certain chemicals, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer or birth defects or other reproductive harm.