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FREE SHIPPING on online orders over $100!* | ❄️ Save with PRE-SEASON SALT PRICING! ❄️Learn More >
Pre-Owned Power: A Cost-Effective Way to Upgrade Your Business

Pre-Owned Power: A Cost-Effective Way to Upgrade Your Business

Maintaining an efficient fleet is vital for any professional lawn or snow contractor. Your success heavily relies on crew safety, margins, and properly functioning tools. Investing in shiny, new equipment every year might be ideal, but it isn’t always the most fiscally responsible. Let’s take a look at the benefits pre-owned power equipment can bring to your company:

Cost Savings: Making Every Dollar Count

Choosing second-hand used equipment delivers top-notch performance without the high price tag. Purchasing pre-owned power tools offers opportunities for growth:

  • Add Services – Earn more money with supplemental services like hedge trimming or aerating
  • Train Your Crew – Train new team members without fear of ruining a brand-new, expensive piece of equipment
  • Upgrade – Expand your fleet, add more employees, and grow your business, all while staying on budget!

Tried & True: Proven Equipment You Can Trust

When it comes to professional landscaping tools & other power equipment, dependability is key. Some laborers may view used items as worn down or less effective. The truth is, buying used isn’t just about affordability – these machines display lasting quality. This equipment has already been field tested, so it has proven its ability to properly handle lawn care jobs.

Work Greener: A Sustainable Solution

For most pros, sustainability in the green industry is more than just a trend; it’s a responsibility. By using pre-owned tools, you’re extending equipment life & reducing unnecessary waste. This commitment to sustainability can even become a defining feature of your brand that attracts like-minded customers. Embracing used landscaping equipment not only reduces your carbon footprint - it also showcases your dedication to eco-friendly practices that will resonate with today's environmentally aware clientele.

Why Buy Used at Russo Power Equipment?

  1. Inventory is Always Available – We have many pre-owned options available at every location with more added daily
  2. Large Selection – We offer the best deals on used equipment for work during any season. Our core categories include:
      • 2-Cycle/Handheld Equipment
      • Walk-Behind Mowers
      • Zero Turn Mowers
      • Stand-On Mowers
      • Trailers
      • Construction Equipment
      • Specialty Vehicles
  3. Many Ways to Find a Deal – Browse on or Facebook Marketplace 24/7, buy in-store, or bid at one of our auctions!
  4. Consignments & Trade-Ins – That’s how we get all our used pieces, which means when you’re ready to upgrade, we’ll help you get a little more bang for your buck!

Adding used equipment is a pathway to cost savings, reliability, sustainability, and budget-friendly business growth. The benefits of used power equipment are undeniable; if you're ready to elevate your landscaping services while making a smart financial choice, it’s time to explore the endless possibilities of high-quality used equipment!


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