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Toro 60V Battery Equipment Does Everything Gas Can, Without the Gas Can

Toro's 60V Flex-Force battery-powered handheld tools are innovative to the core, powering an entire lineup of 35+ products with a single battery. That's right, you can use the same 60V battery in your mower, line trimmer, blower, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, and even your snow blower, as well as all other 60V tools. Along with game-changing technology incorporated into each piece of equipment, it's officially time to try Toro's 60V Flex-Force handheld tools! Get it now at Russo!

Take a Look at the 60V Flex-Force Power System Lineup

Hedge Your Best

A dual-action, 24” steel blade has a 3/4" cutting capacity designed to hold branches tight and cut with fewer passes. The rotating handle also lets you trim vertically or horizontally with the push of a button, so you can keep working without interruptions. 3,200 strokes per minute allows you to cut more in less time, and with a comfort grip handle, you’ll want to trim the day away.

  • 60V Max 24" Hedge Trimmer
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The Future of Landscaping Technology

  • Flex-Force Power System – A single 60V battery powers the entire 60V Flex-Force system of equipment from mowers & snow blowers to trimmers, chainsaws, and everything else.
  • 3-Phase Brushless Motor with RunSmart – RunSmart prevents overload while optimizing power, providing more power when you need it & less when you don’t. Say hello to a longer runtime, extended life, and unmatched efficiency.
  • SmartStow – Fold your mower completely in half when you’re done using it to save space in your trailer!
  • Personal Pace Auto-Drive Transmission – Certain 60V mowers can sense how fast you’re walking, then adjusts speeds accordingly. They even know when you're going up hills and provide extra power!
  • Power Curve – When the time comes to trade your mower for your snow blower, plug your 60V battery in and get to work with Power Curve technology that can throw snow up to 25’!
  • Comfort Grip Handle – Many of these tools are designed to vibrate less, making them more comfortable to hold & easier to grip.
  • Proprietary Hedge Trimmer Blade Design – A blade designed to grab the branches you’re cutting, pull them in, and hold them there until the job is finished.

Flexible Power Without Limits

Toro’s 60V Max Flex-Force Power System isn’t just exciting because it’s battery-powered: It truly enhances the handheld equipment game. After working with this quiet, fast, and hassle-free lineup of tools, you’ll see that they can do everything gas can, without the gas can:

  • Versatile – A single 60V battery is interchangeable across the entire line of 35+ tools, so you can mow & edge lawns, trim grass & hedges, cut branches, blow grass & leaves, and much more, all with one battery.
  • Effortless – Push-start button, quiet operation, cordless, virtually no maintenance, zero exhaust, and countless patented technologies make competing hand tools look wimpy.
  • Affordable – Effectively residue-free with zero fuel, meaning your equipment will require almost no maintenance & worrying about the cost of gas is a thing of the past.
  • Responsible – Specific goals are set to improve Toro's impact on the world, their business, their products, their innovative process, and most importantly, the people Toro serves.
  • The Future – Toro looks at major issues to create helpful solutions, not just come up with flashy ideas. Innovation has been at the core of their identity from the start, and it's what makes them an industry-leading brand year after year.
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Demo 60V Equipment & Feel the Power!

Many proven brands have unveiled various battery-powered products, but Toro’s 60V lineup has truly changed the way professionals power productivity. If you’ve been waiting to make the switch, now is your chance to demo any piece of Toro 60V equipment with a Russo demo expert to see what you’ve been missing out on!

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Trust Toro to Finish Any Task

Toro has been a leading brand in the landscaping industry for well over 100 years. Power is in their veins & innovation is always on their minds, which is why they don’t just look to the future, they create it. Investing in resources and making sure to engineer products the right way without prematurely rushing them to customers is their strategy, so you know that you’re only getting products that are field tested and back up the impressive claims that they make.

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