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FREE SHIPPING on online orders over $100!*

Each round provides a step-by-step guide to keeping lawns healthy all year. 


Summer Fertilizer & Grub Prevention

A slow-release granular fertilizer containing a preventative systemic insecticide is recommended for grub prevention. If opting not to apply a grub preventor, straight summer fertilization is still reccomended. Fertilizer is important during the heat and stress of the summer to help maintain the lawn's color and vigor.

Applying a fertilizer combined with preventative insecticide during this window is vital for preventing pests later. However the timing of this application is essential. Apply from June 15th through August 1st to achieve the best results. Any spot treatments of broadleaf weeds are also suggested.

Peak crabgrass germination season is around July 1 depending on weather in the Upper Midwest Region. While our recommendation is to treat these 14 - 16 weeks earlier with pre-emergent, there are other products you can apply to treat and contain the spread of crabgrass intrusion.

Consult with your local Russo Plant Health Care Specialist for recommended products and application dates for your area.

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Our Russo experts will help you get the job done! 

Contact your local Russo Plant Health Care Specialist today to start your properties on the Russo 5 Step Lawn Program for greener and healthier lawns.



For nearly a decade, Jesus has relied on the Toro Spraymaster to help customers evenly and efficiently apply various lawn care products.

Best Advice:

If you want your grass to look like a golf course, water it often.

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Jose is a true outdoorsman, which means he knows the importance of a well-maintained green space.

Best Advice:

Use the best products! 

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Backed by 18+ years of Russo knowledge, Matt is well versed in equipment and product applications. His passion for turf care carries over to his personal life by maintaining "the best lawn on the block".

Best Advice:

The best natural weed control product is a healthy, thick, and tall lawn.

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Whether you need equipment or product, JR is ready to help you figure out the best turf care plan for you.

Best Advice:

ALWAYS try to get the pre-emergent fertilizer down in the spring!

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For more than 15 years, Edward has been spreading knowledge about the benefits of different fertilizer products season after season.

Best Advice:

Make sure you're adjusting your spreader properly to fit the fertilizer product you're spreading.

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While new to Russo, Ryan is no stranger to the OPE Industry. He is excited to bring his background to our WI store and continue learning more to best serve you!

Best Advice:

Preemergent fertilizer will prevent new grass seed from germinating. Take precautions or avoid newly and soon-to-be-seeded areas.

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